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Thio E K has been a hobbyist since a young age. At a later part of his adult life, he began to take keen interests in planted aquariums, trying many methods and learning from many mentors. He had managed an aquarium shop for 6 years, gathering good retail experience along the way. He progressed to become a distributor for the world’s apex brand of planted aquariums from Japan, a brand which he earnestly promoted for 10 years.
During his life as an aquarist and a business owner, he had travelled to Japan yearly to be trained and updated by the latest works and techniques, while attending pets shows around the region, knowing more friends and experts. 
As a professional, he has conducted talks and workshops for corporate and the general public. Some of his talks were conducted in Yangon to help and promote the hobby to the local community, as well as mentoring a national distributor in Perth.
He is also an Associate Trainer with a local polytechnic to conduct aquascaping workshops.

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