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Starting your first aquarium?

So, you want to start an aquarium…

Before running to your favourite aquarium store, here are what do you need to think through:

Do you have aquatic green fingers? Yes, you do, as all of us do. That is an assurance and a consolation to some of us.

Tip #1 - An aquarium or a planted aquarium?

This is a very important consideration because it will determine what equipment you will buy as well as facing the reality against your expectation. They are DIFFERENT. Do not be misled that every tank ought to have a plant because your friend says it is nice to have something green inside. They are a lot more to be added once you have decided that you want a planted aquarium vs a typical fish aquarium. Most hobbyists choose to have a very simple tank with only 2 or more very hardy plants, which is possible.

You want to start keeping fish only, click here.

Tip #2 - Are you willing to accept the fact that the planted aquarium is Science, Art and Engineering, all combined?

It is a living glass box with water that needs to be cared for.

Let me elaborate.

A planted aquarium needs nutrients for the plants to grow and provide oxygen to the fish.

It also requires that you provide the equipment, the mechanical filters, the proper lighting and the water temperature to create the environment.

With the interaction of fish and plants, there are rocks and caves, roots and branches to keep the plants in shape. Hence we have to pay attention to the details.

Tip #3 - It takes work.

Are you willing to provide controlled lighting, CO2, nutrients, while providing effort to maintain your filter through regular maintenance?

More regular efforts are needed to keep the tank condition in equilibrium, or else we will face algae issues. We cannot leave the tank alone.

Tip #4 - Size matters!

Do you know that a bigger tank is easier to maintain in the long run and it requires lesser interference?

A bigger tank provides more buffer and hence it is easier in the long run.

Congrats! Go start your new tank!

Now that you are still reading, it is good to proceed further. Congratulations... your interest remains high

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