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What makes a good soil?

Many often we hear a hobbyist only using a particular brand. When asked about why the answer is almost always: “It makes my plants grow well.”

So, what makes the plants grow well?

Plants need nutrients to grow, namely Potassium, Phosphorous and Nitrogen, NPK, along with micronutrients. Do you know that ammonium NH4 is favoured by plant roots? Therefore, good soil contains NPK as well as ammonium, NH4. Please do not be confused with ammonia, the toxic gas NH3.

The next concern, NH4 is contained when the water is acidic, at pH 6 and below, or else NH3, the toxic gas is released. (A chemistry reaction that is not to be discussed here 😊)

In order for the ideal environment to be maintained at an acidic condition, the soil, being the substrate media, must be able to continuously capture the Hydrogen ion from the water, making the water acidic and holding the ammonium in place. This is referred to as the CEC (Cation Exchange Capacity) of the aquatic soil. The higher the value of CEC in the soil, the better is the product to remain “fertile”

However, natural soil contains other organic matter that can interfere with the cycling period, to generate ammonia during the cycling process.

Ammonium NH4 is released at the initial planting stage and it can lead to algae growth. Please do frequent water changes weekly.

Scapers Soil is enriched with the necessary nutrients to ensure healthy plant growth over a long period of time.

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